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    Blowing MachineMaking MachineSlitterCutting MachinePressesGranulatorCut feeder seriesTransparent film packaging mWinder, winding machinePlastic Crusher SeriesPlastic Banliao SeriesTo bag packing machineCast film, stretch film machFeeding machine, suction macFolding MachineStar Flower MachineLaminating machineGassho machine, seizure of gBubble film machine, air bubSheet machine, cup making maFilm blowing machine, bag maPlastic film blowing machineGift paper, wallpaper, wallp
    About us

    In the mechanical field, "HD" people with advanced technology to the continuous research and application, so that by the rapid development of its own.

    "HD" people to better ourselves, the user first, the pursuit of excellence, stress brand conviction, pay close attention to internal management, pay attention to adhere to scientific and technological progress based on market makers join hands, take part in the competition’s strategic direction.

    The factory specializing in the production of the Trilateral (China) sealed bag machine, contour pouch bag machine, blown film machine, Slitter, cross-cutting machine, Flap machine, letters shear, hapchang machine, the seizure of goods, Winder , All of the machines, points of the machine, hot-cold cut bag, complex machine, bag machines, even the heart-Vol bag machine, the CD feeder, plastic shredders, granulator, printing presses, cast film, Chan Raomo machines, air-cushion film package of equipment, RY320-A flexible version of automatic printing press, FQ-450-precision high-speed trademarks Slitter, MQ-320 automatic continuous pressure sensitive die-cutting machine, MQ-320-all Auto-adhesive die-cutting machine (with gold foil), RY-320 automatic printing presses, such as flexible version.

    The information in the new century industrial revolution, "the source days," people always adhere to the "quality and I join in, the customers in my heart," the quality, careful decision-making, long-term planning, sound management mechanism, improve the comprehensive network for smooth, High-quality products and effective dedication to social services. Seize opportunities, meet new period of rapid economic development challenges.

    Days source enterprise is willing to join hands with friends from various circles at home and abroad forward, in a brilliant!

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