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    XY55-FM600 SJ60-FM700 SJ65-FM800 double head film blowing machine


    Extruder barrel and screw are made ??of high quality alloy steel nitrided and precision machining. With the best hardness and corrosion resistance, this unit has been scientifically designed to set out two pay nose, increase production capacity, saving energy, labor, manufacturing plants and other advantages.


    For blowing low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic film. Can make various vest bags and flat bags, widely used in food, clothing, textiles, industrial packaging.

    The main technical parameters:

    Model XY-55Fm-600 XY-60FM-700 XY-65FM-800
    Screw diameter 55mm 60m 65mm
    Screw length 28: 128: 128: 1
    Screw speed
      10-110r / min
      10-110r / min
      10-110r / min
    The maximum yield of 40kg / h 55Kg / h 70Kg / h
    Film Max.Folding 550mm x 2 650mm x 2 750mm x 2
    Single film thickness 0.006-0.10mm 0.006-0.10mm 0.006-0.10mm
    Host power 15Kw 18.5Kw 22kw
    Total power 26Kw 30Kw 35Kw
    Machine weight 2800kg 3200kg 3800kg
    Overall inch ruler 4800 x 2200 x 3000mm 5000 x 2400 x 3200mm 5200 x 2600 x 3400mm

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